Monday, August 10, 2009

Things I've learned (good and bad) from living in a trailer

Ok, since I'm going to be writing about things that my family will be experience over the next four years, I've decided to start a series called "Things I've learned (good and bad) from living in a trailer".

By this I mean an actual trailer. My husband and I purchased a trailer, mobile home, recreational vehicle, what ever you want to call it, for him to live in while he is attending school down in Mississippi. Don't get me wrong, we're high class now, I mean this trailer park has a fishing lake, horses, beautiful seanry... ok I won't go overboard, but I'm sure I will come away with many lessons from living in this oh so wonderful shack.

The first thing I've learned. My actual house I buy to live in will have a hearth room. I love being able to be in the kitchen washing dishes and having my family right there with me either playing games, watching t.v., coloring, etc. You know, in our trailer we have a hearth room. It's also our living room.

That's my first lesson.

Many more to come :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 1 before the big move

Today started off as a somewhat regular day. Will and I had to get up and go discuss options for our oldest daughter. We have been having some difficulty with her and we want to make sure they are all ironed out before he leaves for school. He then went on to work and had a normal day.

We still had to do one last thing before he and my brother leave tomorrow to move all our stuff down to his small living quarter or slq which I'll be referring to it as and that was rent a trailer. I get so aggravated at the fact that he procrastinates so bad. He did not call until 330 in the afternoon to get a trailer for tomorrow morning. Luckily they had one, but we could have been in trouble. Well off we go to pack and move.

Come back tomorrow to see what happened! There's bound to be something exciting :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The beginning of our journey

Today is July 30, 2009. It is less than a week away that my husband will be going away for Vet school. Our journey is just beginning. I am going to be blogging along as our family endures this adventure.

Right now at this moment I think we are all in a well I won't say denial, but it's like that, kind of state. Tomorrow is the last day of work for my husband. It is bitter sweet for him. He has all different kind of emotions. He's excited about starting school, sad that he's leaving the place that he is most comfortable and the people he loves, and I can't help but think he is anxious. I know I am anxious, nervous, worried, scared, happy and the list goes on and on.

As for the girls, well I don't think they quite understand. It's going to be a long journey for them. They will not have their dad around everyday to tuck them into bed, see them in the morning, send them off to school, or be home at night for dinner.

We have bought him a "mobile home" as my mom would call it (I just call it what it is, a trailer). It's a nice on though. Both of us are going to be doing a lot of commuting in order for our family to try to be together on the weekends. It's a 2 hr drive, so really we're not that far apart.

This is just the beginning. Keep coming back to follow us as we engage in the next four years of our life. Should be very interesting to say the least.

Let the journey begin.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today I took my oldest daughter to an oral surgeon because she had developed a bump on the inside of her lip which looked like a blister. A couple of weeks ago she had gone to her pediatrician for it and he said that it would have to be cut off. I was told that it would be no big deal just some local anesthesia and the oral surgeon would cut it off. Well I proceeded to make my daughter an appointment thinking they would cut it out and I could check her into school. I got there early so we had to wait in the waiting room for about 35 minutes before she was called back. When we got back there we were told that she was going to be put to sleep since she was so young. My first reaction, in my head of course, was great I'm here by myself and I have to drive this child home by myself who has been put under. All I remembered was last time we saw this oral surgeon with her, she had thrown up as soon as we got in the car. I did not come prepared for this. I did not have a bucket just in case, I forgot my cell phone for any emergency that my have arisen. Long story short she was just fine. I got to hear several good stories. She rambled on about her fingers and how she had 20, she had been on a roller coaster ride with bugs bunny, she told me over and over again how tired she was. This was not my smart alack 8 year old who thinks she's 15 talking, this was a little girl innocent and sweet sounding. She did not get mad when I looked her in the eye and laughed at what she was saying. We got home and she was in the bed for most of the rest of the day. She is also out of school tomorrow and maybe Thursday, but hopefully she will be able to return on Thurs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our weekend trip to MN

This past weekend My mom, Grandmother, Hannah, Tristen and I went to MN for a baby shower for my cousin's wife. She had already had the baby so we got to see him. We had a blast.

Being from TN my girls don't get to see that much snow, not that there was a lot of snow in MN this time of year, but there was some big piles of dirty snow, or should I say ice because it had rained and frozen over again, that my girls loved climbing on.

Since we were up there we took advantage of every possible thing that time would permit us to do. On Saturday we went to see my Gramma, my dad's mom. We ate lunch with her then my girls and I stayed with her while my mom went to help my aunt with shower plans. We decided to drive around the town. It is amazing what you remember. I moved down to TN when I was in 4th grade, but I can remember living there like it was yesterday. We drove past my old house where I grew up and saw both the trees that my parents had planted for both my brother and I when we were born.

Here is the house I grew up in.

After seeing my old house, we went to Lake Minnatonka and saw all the cars and ice fishing houses that were still out on the lake. My daughters and I even got out and took a walk on the lake so they could see what it was like to walk on ice. Here are a few photos.

The weekend was almost over, but we still had not had what we came for. The shower took place on Sunday. We had a great time there also. It was just my cousins family from both his mom's and dad's side that were at the shower, so I got to see some people I have not seen in a long time, but knew almost everyone there. My cousin dropped his wife and new son off at the shower and while he was there I told him I wanted a pic of him and his son with me and my daughters. Here it is. I know, it looks like a family pic, but it is my cousin with me.

The weekend came to an end. I was sad to leave everybody. I am such a family person and wish that my whole family lived close by each other. I never seem to realize it until I am around everyone and see all the fun that we have together. One last exciting thing happened for my daughters before we left. We boarded the plane in MN and the capt asked them if they wanted to see the cock pit. Of course we would not turn that opportunity down, so here is a pic of them "flying" the airplane.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Big changes possible

Today my husband left to go down to MS State University to prepare for his interview for Vet school tomorrow. This is what we've been waiting for for 5 years now. If he gets in it will change everything in our lives. These four years will be the hardest four years we have ever endured as a married couple. We have always been dirt poor, but we will even be poorer. We will go from him having an income to not having an income. Being a preschool teacher I do not make enough to support our family. We will need a lot of prayer and support from friends and family to help us get through these trying times. After the four years of school our lives will be awesome. We will have made it to where we want to be in our lives.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I finally came back to this blog, which I started over a year ago and my last posted blog was almost a year ago. I figured I would try to start it up again as one of my new year's resolutions. I went back and reread some of the "few" posts I have posted and did not even really remember that what I wrote ever happened. That's when I decided to try to keep up with it this time and plus write everything down in some kind of note book so I'll have it to hold on to and keep. Maybe I'll just print out what I write here so I don't have to write the "old fashioned" way. This time I'm hoping to write down everything that comes across my mind, events that happen within my family, and anything that I may want to say. I'm typically not a funny person so don't be coming to my blog if you want humor, I don't get to go on too many vacations since I am dirt poor, so don't come to my blog for good vacation spot reviews, but if you just want to come and see what my family is doing and has going on come on. Sometimes we can take you on a real adventure.