Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why do we obsess?

Last night as I was sitting in my chair reading People Magazine I decided to ask my husband if he had heard the news about Heath Ledger, (The 28 year old Australian Actor who was found dead in his bedroom). I then began to vent on how the American society obsesses over these actors and their lives. Wait, aren't I reading People Magazine. Yes, I am just as guilty. Why do we do this? They are just people, just like you or I. The only difference is that their job is for our entertainment. If there were not any actors there would be no T.V., no movies, or any other entertainment in that form. The worst thing that these actors have to endure is the media. In my opinion the media ruins everything. They did not ask to have a camera in their face whenever they go get a latte from Starbucks, go to Gucci and buy whatever they may want to, or even take their child to school, MDO, or on a play date. I am probably the only person in the World who feels sorry for Brittany Spears. Everyone is just watching the news and reading the magazines waiting to find out the next headline. "Brittney Spears, arrested again", "Brittney Spears, Loses custody of her kids for good", or worse yet, "'Brittney Spears, found DEAD at her L.A. home". There is no doubt that Brittney has problems. She is even crazy, I am not denying that, but I do believe that her problems stem from the media. The media should have backed off when she began to show signs of trouble, instead they pushed harder. They are at her house 24/7. She does thrive off of all the attention from the media and the public, but I think if the media would keep the camera's out of her face she would have a better chance at recovering. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the media will always be in the lives of all the actors and people will always read about what is going on in their lives, but it should be cut off at a certain point. When the lives of these people are threatend it's time to QUIT obsessing.