Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 1 before the big move

Today started off as a somewhat regular day. Will and I had to get up and go discuss options for our oldest daughter. We have been having some difficulty with her and we want to make sure they are all ironed out before he leaves for school. He then went on to work and had a normal day.

We still had to do one last thing before he and my brother leave tomorrow to move all our stuff down to his small living quarter or slq which I'll be referring to it as and that was rent a trailer. I get so aggravated at the fact that he procrastinates so bad. He did not call until 330 in the afternoon to get a trailer for tomorrow morning. Luckily they had one, but we could have been in trouble. Well off we go to pack and move.

Come back tomorrow to see what happened! There's bound to be something exciting :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The beginning of our journey

Today is July 30, 2009. It is less than a week away that my husband will be going away for Vet school. Our journey is just beginning. I am going to be blogging along as our family endures this adventure.

Right now at this moment I think we are all in a well I won't say denial, but it's like that, kind of state. Tomorrow is the last day of work for my husband. It is bitter sweet for him. He has all different kind of emotions. He's excited about starting school, sad that he's leaving the place that he is most comfortable and the people he loves, and I can't help but think he is anxious. I know I am anxious, nervous, worried, scared, happy and the list goes on and on.

As for the girls, well I don't think they quite understand. It's going to be a long journey for them. They will not have their dad around everyday to tuck them into bed, see them in the morning, send them off to school, or be home at night for dinner.

We have bought him a "mobile home" as my mom would call it (I just call it what it is, a trailer). It's a nice on though. Both of us are going to be doing a lot of commuting in order for our family to try to be together on the weekends. It's a 2 hr drive, so really we're not that far apart.

This is just the beginning. Keep coming back to follow us as we engage in the next four years of our life. Should be very interesting to say the least.

Let the journey begin.