Monday, December 17, 2007


I guess when it rains it pours. Not really, I'm just going to post one more. I have never been more embarresed in my life than I was today. I don't really know why I am letting this bother me so much, but I guess it's just some hormones or something going on. Anyway, we just got back from Nashville yesterday and when I went to take Hannah to school today my van sounded like there was an airplane landing right down next to me. I took it to my machanic and he told me that my brakes were completly shot and that it should not be driven anymore to prevent further damage. Ok, so I left it with him, but started to think about my warrenty I had left. I called the Toyota headquaters and was told that I had warrenty that covered everypart for 6k more miles or until May of '08. Great!! I'll go get my van from the machanic and take it to the Toyota dealer to save me 2-3 hundred dollers (1st time to be embarresed, should have called Toyota first). When I got there I was told that warrenty does not cover break pad wear and tear. Tears now began to swell in my eyes. I knew I was going to be embarresed a second time because I was now going to have to take my van back to my machanic because I was not going to pay the price of what a dealer was going to charge to fix it. Here's the part that's not only embaressing, but also madening. I was just in the Toyota dealer last week before our trip because I heard a noise coming from the left side of my van when I accelerated. The same guy I talked to today told me that I needed to drive around with a technician because if they can't hear it they can't fix it. Of course he heard nothing. I was so mad I yelled at the guy today and told him that I knew there was something wrong with it last week and they did nothing. This whole thing could have been prevented if he would have put my van up on the rafters, or what ever their called, and checked it out. He again told me today that if we can't hear it we can't fix it. I told him your the machanic, you should have looked at it. Sorry to annoy anybody, if your still reading, but it really helps me let off some steam.

our vacation

I have not posted in a long long time. There are several times I think about posting, but by the time I get to sit down and actually complete it I forget what I was going to write. Anyway we took a family trip to Nashville this past weekend and had a great time. We got to see the Radio City Spectacular staring the Rocketts, the ice sculptures celebrating the Grinche's 50'th B-day from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and we attended a dinner show by Pam Tillis. BUT... trying to go to sleep with a two year old in a hotel room was awful. Don't get me wrong both my kids were great the whole weekned, but Tristen would not go to sleep when it was time. We only had one king bed, so here we were, Will, Hannah, Tristen, and I all piled in. We had to turn the T.V. off and try to sleep. Will, Hannah, and I had to pretend we were sleeping just to try to get T to sleep. Next thing you know she's in your face saying "wake up sleepy head" We tried so hard not to laugh. Eventually she fell asleep and we had a good day the next day. Just thought anybody with kids would enjoy that because I'm sure it has happened to you at one point or another.